Audyssey MultEQ® XT32
MultEQ XT32 is Audyssey’s flagship room correction solution. The system collects data from ten thousand individual control points, allowing the finer details of a room’s acoustical problems to be corrected. The ultra high-resolution filters are applied to all channels, including the subwoofers. As well as creating a more harmonious soundstage, MultEQ XT32 helps locate directional effects in movie soundtracks and makes dialog more distinct. As Audyssey’s premium system, MultEQ XT32 applies 512x high-resolution filters both to satellites and subwoofers, as well as managing crossover, polarity, delays, and level settings.

Audyssey Dynamic Volume®
This technology allows you to set the volume level that you want and keep it there, without having to constantly adjust it. By anticipating sudden spikes and dips in the audio soundtrack and compensating for them in real time, Audyssey Dynamic Volume ensures consistent volume levels, regardless of the content you’re enjoying. Thanks to Audyssey Dynamic Volume, quiet dialogue is easier to pick up, loud passages retain their impact, and commercials are less intrusive.

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