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5.1-Channel Home Entertainment Package

Affordable Home Theatre Package with Ample Upgradeability and Flexibility

With the majority of entry-level home theatre packages, the only thing you can get excited about is the price. Most give you an entertainment experience that’s little more than adequate.Taking an entirely different approach is the HT-C5115 5.1-channel home theatre package.With full HDMI™ connectivity, 1080p upscaling capability, and a wealth of playback options, this package offers theversatility you need to cover music, movies, broadcasts, and gaming. Should you wish to add a high-definition component, such as a Bluray Disc player or broadcast tuner, the HT-C5115 has it covered.You can even connect digital music players and storage devices to play back digital audio files.The HT-C5115 is all about giving you a better home entertainment experience, while going easy on your wallet.


HT-R518 5.1-Channel A/V Surround Home Theatre Receiver

  • 130 W/Ch Minimum into 8 Ohm, 1 kHz, 1 Channel Driven, IEC
  • DTS Neo:6® 5.1, DTS 96/24™, Dolby® Pro Logic® II
  • HDMI Pass-Thru* (1080p Compatible; 3 Inputs and 1 Output)
  • HDMI and Component Video (720p, 1080i; 2 Inputs and 1 Output) Switching
  • 4 Digital Inputs (2 Optical, 2 Coaxial)
  • 3 S-Video Inputs and 2 Outputs
  • 4 Composite Video Inputs and 2 Outputs
  • 4 A/V Inputs and 1 Output
  • 2 Audio Inputs and 1 Output
  • Audyssey 2EQ™ to Correct Room Acoustic Problems and to Calibrate Speakers
  • Audyssey Dynamic EQ™ for Loudness Correction
  • H.C.P.S. (High Current Power Supply) Massive High Power Transformer
  • 192 kHz/24-Bit Audio DACs for All Channels
  • WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology)
  • Advanced 32-Bit Processing DSP Chip
  • Subwoofer Pre Out
  • CinemaFILTER™
  • A-Form Listening Mode Memory
  • Optimum Gain Volume Circuitry
  • Music Optimizer™ for Compressed Music Files
  • Theater-Dimensional™ Virtual Surround Function
  • Double Bass Function
  • Color-Coded 5.1-Multichannel Inputs (Receive 5.1 Surround Sound from Compatible Blu-ray Disc Players)
  • Banana Plug-Compatible Speaker Posts
  • Crossover Adjustment at 40/50/60/80/100/120/150/200 Hz for Bass Management
  • A/V Synchronization Function (Up to 100 ms in 20 ms Steps)
  • 40 FM/AM Radio Presets
  • Compatible with RI (Remote Interactive) Dock for the iPod
  • Front Panel Auxiliary Input (for Camcorders, Game Consoles, etc.)
  • Newly Designed Preprogrammed RI (Remote Interactive) Remote Control with Mode-Key LEDs
  • *A separate audio connection is necessary to process multichannel audio.
DV-SP406 1080p Upscaling DVD/CD/MP3 Player
  • Plays DVD Video,Video CD, DualDisc (Not DVD-Audio), Audio CD, CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW*
  • Plays MP3,WMA, DivX, and JPEG Formats

  • HDMI Digital Interface (Version 1.1)
  • Front-Panel USB (Version 1.1) Port
  • 1080p Video Scaling via HDMI Output
  • DTS Digital Out® and Dolby® Digital
  • Component and Composite Video Outputs
  • AV Connector (SCART)
  • 192 kHz/24-Bit Audio DAC
  • 108 MHz/14-Bit Video DAC
  • Disc Navigator for Browsing Video and Audio Content (Including WMA, MP3, DivX Video, and JPEG)
  • 2 Digital Outputs (Coaxial/Optical)
  • High-Resolution Onscreen Display (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Swedish,Turkish)
  • Full-Function Remote Control
  • *Discs that have not been properly finalized may only be partially playable or not playable at all.
HTP-518 5.1-Channel Home Theatre Speaker SystemSKF-518F 2-Way Bass Reflex Front Speakers
  • 8 cm Cone Woofer
  • 2.5 cm Balanced Dome Tweeter
  • Max. Input Power: 130 W
  • Magnetically Shielded
SKC-518C 2-Way Bass Reflex Center Speaker
  • 8 cm Cone Woofer
  • 2.5 cm Balanced Dome Tweeter
  • Max. Input Power: 130 W
  • Magnetically Shielded
SKM-518S Full-Range Bass Reflex Surround
  • Speakers
  • 8 cm Cone
  • Max. Input Power: 130 W
  • Note: All speakers are gloss-finished. They also feature an impedance of 8 Ohm, color-coded speaker terminals and cable, and wall-mounting capability.
SKW-518 Bass Reflex Powered Subwoofer
  • 20 cm Cone
  • Max. Power: 90 W
  • Down-Firing
  • Output Level Control





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