Technical Details


Amplifier Features• 140 Watts per channel minimum into 6 Ù, at 1 kHz, DIN; 170 Watts per channel minimum into 6 Ù, at 1 kHz, IEC (1 channel driven)• Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC) for all channels• Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT)• Extended frequency response (5 Hz to 100 kHz)• Reduced NFB (Negative Feedback)• Full bandwidth power to all 7 main channels• Absolute ground plate• H.C.P.S—massive high current power supply• Discrete power amplifier circuitry for all channels• High-current, low-impedance 6 Ù drive for all channels• Auto-protection circuitry• High-grade extruded-aluminum heatsink• Low Frequency Effect (LFE) level control• Thick bus bars

Audio/Video Features• THX™ Select2 certified• THX™ Surround EX, DTS®, DTS® 96/24, DTS®-ES Discrete/Matrix, DTS® Neo:6 decoding• Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Digital EX, Dolby® Pro Logic IIx decoding• 192 kHz/24-bit audio DACs for all channels• HDMI and component video upconversion with Time Base Corrector (TBC)• Composite to S-Video upconversion• De-Interlacer• HDTV-capable HDMI and component video (50 MHz) switching• Optimum Gain Volume Circuitry• Digital upsampling• Non-scaling configuration• Powered Zone 2/Zone 2 lineout with 12 V trigger• A-form listening mode memory• Independent crossover adjustment for bass management for F/C/S/SB(40/60/70/80/90/100/120/150/200 Hz)• Advanced 32-bit processing DSP chip• 2 HDMI (version1.1) inputs and 1 output• 3 component video inputs and 1 output• 5 S-Video inputs and 3 outputs• 5 composite video inputs and 3 outputs• 2 audio inputs and 1 output• Phono input• 7 digital inputs (5 optical/2 coaxial) and 1 optical output• Color-coded 7.1-multichannel inputs (ready for Dolby Digital and DTS formats for high-definition discs) and pre outs• Heavy-duty, color-coded dual banana plug-compatible speaker posts• Front panel audio, video, S-Video, optical inputs• Dedicated line-level subwoofer pre out• Pure audio mode• Direct mode• Automatic signal detection• Late night mode (high/low/off)• Tone control (bass/treble) for front L/R channels• Double Bass function• A/V synchronization function (up to 250 ms)

FM/AM Tuner and Other Performance Features• 40 FM/AM random presets• RDS (RT/PTY/TP)• Character input (Tuner presets, input selector)• Outstanding selectivity and sensitivity• IntelliVolume• On-screen display control• 3-mode display dimmer (bright/normal/low)• Absolute volume display• Calibration through Auto Speaker Set-up with Microphone• Battery-free memory backup• Brushed aluminum front panel• Headphone jack (standard size)• Heavy-duty power cord• Individual input selectors for each source• RS232 port• IR input and output• Blue illuminated volume control• Sleep timer via remote• Compatible with Remote Interactive Dock for the iPod• Backlit/Preprogrammed RI (Remote Interactive) learning remote control with 3 macros and mode-key LEDs

Current Product: TX-SR804E